Get Your Volvo Model Ready for the Changing Season with These 6 Spring Car Care Tips

Whether you did a lot of winter travelling or not, the changing of the seasons is perhaps one of the most important times for taking care of your vehicle, and we here at Volvo of Ocala have some advice to share. If you're in need of some assistance on getting your vehicle ready for the new season, take a look below at our 6 spring car care tips and get off on the right foot for driving excellence in the upcoming months.



  1. Wash and wax your Volvo vehicle. Whether you've driven through snow storms or you've stayed local, you've probably accumulated some dirt on your ride. Wash it off, shine it up, and see your vehicle revitalized before your eyes.
  2. Similarly, clean the cabin as well. Wipe down the surfaces, vacuum out dirt, and throw away any collected garbage, and your cabin will feel fresh and new again.
  3. Check your windshield wiper blades. If you've travelled up north and encountered any ice, the soft rubber of your wiper blades could have taken a beating. If they leave any streaks behind, it's time for a new set.
  4. Take a look under the hood of your Volvo vehicle. If you notice any pipes or belts looking brittle or cracked, they need to be replaced.
  5. Check the air pressure in your tires. Cold air compresses so, as the weather warms, the air in your tires will expand. Re-pressurize them to ensure optimal fuel efficiency and control.
  6. Have your alignment and suspension checked. Pot holes and cracks in the road can throw off your alignment as well as damage your suspension, so get both checked and corrected to ensure the smoothest ride possible.

If you'd like professional assistance with any of these steps, or you need other routine maintenance or repairs, simple schedule a service appointment with us online. We'll get you in, address any problems your vehicle is having, and send you back to the roads with newfound confidence - all at an affordable price.

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