How to Know When the Time is Right to Buy New Tires

Here at Volvo of Ocala we know that buying new tires is an important decision. The expense of new tires for your car needs to be justified by a few factors. Here are some things to think about when deciding to replace your tires in the Ocala area.

The Right Time for New Tires

Jumping into tire replacement at the wrong time can be costly. The first thing you should assess is the condition of your tires and the overall condition of your car.

It's easy to choose replacement in the case of tires that are showing visible signs of wear. The loss of tread and appearance of belts is a sure sign that the tire will fail sooner rather than later, but what about wear that you can't see? Tires can also be weakened by internal damage or wear along the rim. For this reason, consider the mileage rating and age of your old tires when thinking about a replacement, especially living in The Villages area. Tires that are five years old might look fine to the eye, but they are more likely to leave you stranded.

When you observe patterns of wear on a tire you can also get an idea about the condition of your vehicle. Drivers from Gainesville may find that their car has alignment issues. There could be suspension problems to attend to. Fixing these problems before replacing your tires is important so that your new ones won't wear unevenly as well.

Poor alignment and suspension can cause tires to wear unevenly. You should have the alignment and shocks checked, and our dealership will be happy to provide a general assessment.

Schedule a Service Appointment

Here in the beautiful Lady Lake area we encourage you to visit or call us to discuss the decision to replace your tires. Our team of associates will be happy to answer any questions that you may have, and we'll also explain the various options for new tires. Feel free to stop by Volvo of Ocala near Inverness, FL today to learn more about your tires!

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