Drivers in the market for a vehicle often face the question whether to buy new or used. Purchasing a used vehicle brings certain benefits to drivers. Let's examine some of those benefits and see if buying used is the right decision for you.

Five Benefits of Buying a Used Vehicle at Volvo of Ocala Near The Villages

  1. Lower Price: Probably the biggest reason to buy used over new is the price savings. Many used vehicles are much less than their brand-new counterparts. You can pay off the vehicle faster, saving on finance charges.
  2. Less Depreciation: On average, a new car loses over 10% of its value to depreciation as soon as you pull off the lot. It loses even more value over the first two or three years. With used cars, the depreciation rate is slower, so you retain more value over time.
  3. Warranty Options: Many used vehicles have some of the original warranty remaining. Plus, you have options to purchase extended warranties when you buy a used vehicle. Quite often, you can get warranty coverage for 100,000 miles for a minimal cost.
  4. Lower Insurance Costs: Because most of the depreciation is already gone with a used vehicle, there is no need to have gap insurance to cover the gap between the car's value and the amount of money owed on it. That translates to lower insurance rates over the time of ownership.
  5. Better Selection: In our used vehicle inventory, there are always new vehicles to admire. We regularly rotate our inventory to provide you with the best value and selection.

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Buying a used vehicle can save you money, while offering you a quality ride for years to come. Of course, only you can make the decision on whether you buy new or used. To see what options are available for Ocala area drivers, stop by the dealership today and test drive some of our quality used vehicles. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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