New Volvo SUV for Sale in Ocala

Volvo is invested in a powerful new line of SUVs in Ocala. The company has crafted a line of three luxury SUVs that share many design features, including a common set of engines. The great interiors and performance of the XC line make for some exceptional vehicles, and reviewers recognize how well Volvo has designed and built them. Read on to learn more about the XC line of new Volvo SUVs.

Volvo XC40

The XC40 is the smallest SUV in the Volvo lineup. It is a luxury subcompact model. It is a fun SUV to drive with its engine options, and its handling is excellent. There are three drivetrains for the XC40. The base engine is powerful, and the upgrade engine provides a good increase in power. There is also a hybrid drivetrain called the Recharge, which is quite powerful as well. Both rows in the XC40 have great legroom as well as headroom. The cabin is upscale and luxurious, with lots of features in addition to its high-quality materials. You can choose trim levels independently of drivetrains, which is a fun way to customize the vehicle and maximize its suitability for you.

Volvo XC60

The XC60 is the next size up from the XC40 for Gainesville and The Villages drivers. It is a compact SUV The XC60 shares two of the same drivetrains as the XC40-- the second engine on the XC40 is the base on the XC60, and it also gets access to the Recharge Hybrid. The middle engine takes the turbocharged base engine and adds a supercharger for more horsepower and low-end acceleration. It is highly effective. On top of that, the XC60 has a larger and roomier interior and a longer feature list than the XC40. It has a higher base price, but that comes with a longer list of included elements. If you want something a little bigger than a subcompact, the XC60 is your pick.

Volvo XC90

The XC90 is by far the biggest SUV of the three. It is a midsize SUV, but more importantly, it has three rows, the only Volvo SUV to do so. It uses the same three drivetrain choices as the XC60, although the base engine isn't quite powerful enough to drive the XC90. The handling is very good for such a large vehicle, so both turning and parking are easy. The interior is very luxurious. The cabin materials are as excellent as always, and Volvo has added their longest list yet of tech and safety features for the SUV.

Why Volvo SUVs?

Volvo has worked hard to ensure that the SUV lineup all shares a common design, the same engine lineup, the same trim lineup, the same tech features, and the same layout. This simplifies the task of choosing one by a lot because it is mostly just a matter of picking the size-- you can be sure that you will have access to all of the same features on any of them, although the larger ones make more features standard. When the baseline quality of them is so good, having the designs be parallel like this is easy on the buyer. It is almost like having one SUV platform and then picking the size, trim, and engine to fit your needs.

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The new Volvo SUVs have all been out for a few years now, so they have had some time to accumulate more features and enhancements. If you're in Lady Lake or Inverness, now is the best time to get behind the wheel of new Volvo and Volvo Accelerate at Ocala Volvo.

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